Improv vs. Improve

Improvisation is a necessary skill as an actor. The ability to think on your feet, react in the moment, let the course of a scene or audition move in a different direction, is an absolute requirement for cold-reading, performing in an improv troupe, or nailing a commercial audition.

But, improvising the business side of your acting career, not so much. It could be holding you back. Success is built on the foundation of a plan, directed by intention, and shaped by conscious choices. Deliberate decisions lead to deliberate results. Ambiguity leads to, well...who knows?!

We help actors chart the course that's right for them. We look at the whole human - body, mind, soul, and spirit, past, present, and future - looking at what's worked, what is working, and what this means for the future. And then work with the actor to get a concrete plan for moving his or her career forward.